Why are girls so hot?

I'm not even remotely trans, but I'm just jealous of how amazingly hot girls are, it makes me ache. To have everyone just adoring you all the time, I just wonder what that's like?

If I were a girl, I'd be staring at myself all the time. I look at myself and I'm like "meh", wish I could look down and be like... hell yeah! Girls, you don't know how lucky you are to have that extra x chromosome...
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I want to add that... I'll come on here and some really hot girl will be like, "do I look ok... only I have a tiny blemish on my ass, will he still fancy me"... and I'm left thinking, THAT is what you worry about? Life must be sweet because you're damn fine and you're worrying about a fucking blemish on your ass!

Why are girls so hot?
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