Is he angry that I left him on read?

This guy I like, who also knows that, and I started texting a bit before spring break, which was like two days ago. Yesterday, he had left me on 'read' twice, but one time he texted back later, (He thought I was flying), and the other time he was being consious of the time difference. So I had texted him today, he responds and all that and then leaves me on read again. A bit pissed, I went to a group chat with my close friends (his side hoe is included), and you know what she does? She texts him, "Go respond to your girlfriend," and she texts me, "You're welcome." I open my messages, but do not open his, and I see, "Hello." At this point in time, I'm pissed as hell because I seem deseperate as fuck, but I don't open the message for like two hours. Then, I do the same thing he's been doing to me, I left him on read. Ten minutes later he texts back, "Gee thanks for responding," I don't open it till three hours later. I text, "Ok." Like a pissed off little girl he texts, "Fine bye."

Me: What's wrong?
Him: That was a weird response.
Me: You seem upset.
Him: I'm good, trust me.
Me: Alright.
Me: Have a good night.
Him: You too.
Me: Sort of afternoon for me (6 hour difference he's aware of.)
Him: Lucky.

I leave him on read again, and then he tells his side hoe, "She's really sensitive."

I don't understand this at all. So he gets pissed when I leave him on read, but it's cool for him to just like ignore me? What is he trying to get at all of this?
Is he angry that I left him on read?
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