All the signs are there that she likes me, but she won't admit it, WHY?

I'm really crazy about this woman I work with. All the signs are there that she likes me...we flirt, compliment each other, she's often nervous around me, etc. I think she likes me but I'm not sure. I told her how I felt and wanted to know how she feels, but she doesn't want to tell me. WHY? She is a single mother with a baby, and lots of relationship baggage. I'm a single father with lots of baggage too. So maybe that's why? Please help...this is driving me crazy!


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  • She may like you, but the reason she isn't admitting It may not be you at all... when kids are involved there's a whole lot more to be cautious about.

    • Yeah, no doubt. I have two girls, so she's got that to consider too, not to mention we've only known each other for a couple months. Maybe I'm coming on too strong...but she asks me questions all the time like she wants to get to know me, personal stuff too. Even stuff like, "do you still live with your ex?" I thought she sounded interested. I work with her, so hopefully it won't be awkward now. Thanks for the input.

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  • Don't think that's it. There's a girl I'm crazy about at work. We flirt, talk, share personal stories, have each other's numbers, email etc. I've asked her out numerous times, she's always said yes but always backs out. She's a single mom. She has baggage. I don't have any kids and have considerably less baggage. She shows the signs of liking me, but don't know why we can't go out. I make her laugh (often too loud for work), make her blush, walk into walls. Just dunno.

    • Yeah, it sounds like she likes you for sure. Do you think the woman I'm interested in likes me, even though she doesn't want to tell me?

    • It sounds like she might be interested, especially if she's interested in talking to you more, especially about more personal things that are not work related. She might be just emotionally unavailable though because of the baggage. Any situations you two have been in that might reveal her interest more? I realized the girl I like at work likes me too, at least a little, when she came and found me at a work party and spent the whole time with me there and got physically close to me.