What does it mean when a guy confides in you?

We don't even know each other that well only for 5 months and we've met each other only 4-5 times during this time. We've had lunch together once and he was a total gentleman and very chivalrous towards me. He even insisted on walking with me and paying for my food.

Today we were chatting about school stuff and he suddenly asks me if he can ask me something personal. So he was saying that he wants to cut off a 5 year old female friend from his life whom he doesn't like talking to anymore. He wanted my advice as to whether he'll end up regretting it or he should just go ahead and do it.

I'm surprised how he's suddenly gotten so comfortable with me? 😅 He always seems shy and awkward in person.
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When he had lunch he asked me some personal questions like about my siblings, religion, likes and dislikes for e. g. what I like to eat etc.
What does it mean when a guy confides in you?
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