Why would a guy invite me over, change his mind and then not talk to me?

I have been talking to this guy daily since May 2018 as friends. We flirt a lot and have kissed. He knows I like him. But, he never asked me out though! But we talked constantly daily (He is the one who calls. I never call him. I may text. But I don't call).. Often more than once a day. So, we he invited me over to his house two weeks ago, I was SHOCKED! I said yes and I was supposed to come the next day. But he came up with an excuse and said let's get together in two days. Then he didn't contact me! I followed up to see if he was ok. Because he always calls me daily. This was weird! He said he had been sick. But he is better. I told him I was excited to see him and if he ever wants to get together, to let me know. He said ok and now has gone silent. No daily calls.. nothing. It's weird! Why would he do that?


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  • Asking someone out and kissing are whole different territories most guys would kiss a girl if it was on offer but most guys would probably not ask someone out maybe because they felt like it would be awkward and weird of you were to lose that friendship

    • It could also be because he is building up to it

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    • Yeah maybe he did it can be awkward

    • I'm sure if you were to bring it up with him you could ask just make sure that there so no pressure if he doesn't like you or tell him you feel the same way about him if you genuinely like him

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  • He was interested, but he is in a relationship. His girlfriend found out about the frequent communication. Now he has to steer clear. Don’t waste your time.


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  • I think if someone did that to me i would move on. I think he may be just
    looking for something way different than you but i could be wrong but i believe he owes you explanation on why he did what he doing. Trust me
    Women have done stuff to me and it's called Mind Games so sad to say
    but that's what it is and Men do the same exact things. I would never
    lead a Woman on i am honest and sincere i don't believe in mind games.

  • He's lost interest. You need to move on.


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