Why can’t men love women in a platonic way?

I have a lot of girl friends but I never had a guy friend cause everytime I do it turns out that they have a crush on me, so I block them to avoid some drama. I’m asexual and aromantic, but even the taken guys that i start to hang out with start confessing their feelings and it’s pissing me off

The worst is that I feel that even men out of my league can’t be friends with me If it’s not because they’re waiting for a relationship. I decided to befriend one of the best looking guy of my college ( i thought that since he was handsome, and popular and he can do better than me, he’ll probably never be interested except for a friendship ) but when we started to spend time for a few weeks, he sents me a romantic text where he was declaring his love before asking me for a date, and when I confronted him he told me that he started to Iove me a few days after we became friends.

It feels like even when a guy is out of a girl’s league he can’t be a friend with her without wanting to date her or fuck her and it’s pissing me off.

How can I get a male friend? And why do they always want something more? I tried with a gay man but he wasn’t really friendly, so I thought maybe it’s simply because he doesn’t intend to fuck me.
Do men truly think with their penis?
Why can’t men love women in a platonic way?
Why can’t men love women in a platonic way?
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