Has my friends with benefits caught feelings?

so, to make this as simple as possible (even though it’s confusing), I've been friends with benefits w/ my ex for about 6-7 months now. things started out feeling very distant & we strictly were just hooking up, but now we’re very close & i’m getting confused on his feelings for me. i don’t want to ask him how he feels & scare him away, bc he’s mentioned not being ready for a relationship & wanting to wait till the time is right. i’ve made a list of all the things he’s doing/has done that has me confused, & i’d appreciate any advice on what he might be feeling/where things might be going, & what i should do.

here’s the things he’s done so far:

. still has my belongings

. owned up & took the blame for our breakup

. hasn't dated anyone since we broke up

. we text everyday (he’ll even check on me if he hasn’t heard from me)

. talks about me to his mom (& other family/friends)

. he often says “this was before we started dating”, or “this was after we broke up” when describing a point in time

. says he finds me attractive & compliments me (he rarely compliments people)

. seems shy about eye contact, but when he looks at me it’s like he’s staring into my soul, it’s such a loving look & it feels like time stops

. has taken me to the movies & dinner & paid for both

. offers to pick me up when going out

. has made jokes about us being on dates

. I've met his family (& pets!)

. says it would be a “betrayal of trust” if we were to have multiple fwb’s

. always asks who i’m talking to when i’m responding to a text

. made it clear that he’s not interested or talking to any other girl romantically

. when asked if he’s talking to someone he says “it’s complicated”

. we've exchanged Christmas gifts (he definitely put a lot of thought/money into it)

. he always kisses me before we part ways & tells me to get home safe

so, am i just being used, friendzoned, or does it sound like things might be headed in a more positive direction?
Has my friends with benefits caught feelings?
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