Quiet, shy guys, would you be comfortable with a girl pursuing you like this?

I’ve been working with a guy for several years. At work he’s so quiet, he doesn’t say much at all to anybody. We usually just say Hi and Bye. But I’ve always had a crush on him. I spoke with my coworkers and they (guys) said that if I ever wanted to date him, i would need to make the first move because he is too shy. I’m not usually shy but he has that affect on me. I finally asked for his number & asked him to go to the movies. He said yes so we went and we talked for an hour after. Then I saw him at work and I just smiled and said Hi like usual. His shift is always over when I come in so I only said bye after that. I texted to ask him out again the next week and we ended up doing the same thing but we had dinner also. At dinner, i kept dodging his eye contact and said “you’re so handsome and your eyes are beautiful”. He made a joke and said you’re not too bad looking yourself. About halfway through the movie, i noticed the arm rest between our seats was moved up so there was no space between us. I asked if i could lean on him, he said yes. We haven’t hugged or held hands. My coworkers think he’s never had a girlfriend before, but I didn’t ask him. I’ve had plenty of boyfriends. I’m 21, he’s about 30. He hasn’t texted me first at all. But when I have texted him to make plans he responds literally within two minutes. When I say he’s quiet I mean really quiet. I am the first of our coworkers to ask him out or see him really outside of work. I don’t notice that he takes a very long time to respond to my questions in person and sometimes he ends up with no response at all. When I asked him like what he likes to do he started to think about it, so I was waiting for his response, but he never said anything. When I ask what he wants to do, he leaves it up to me. I won’t see him at work until Sunday, but I already miss him. Should I wait until then to talk to him or should I keep trying to spend more time with him? If this was you, how would you be feeling or reacting?
Quiet, shy guys, would you be comfortable with a girl pursuing you like this?
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