Is this player obsessed with me now?

I started a new job 2 months ago and this guy there has always had a crush on me ( I knew other people that worked there before).

I wasn't interested at first because I'm not into casual or anything and I wasn't sure what he was after at first. I found out that he is a bit of a player so I told him that he wouldn't get anything from me, but we could hang out and be friends and that's it. He was cool with it and kept telling me how much he respected the fact that I wasn't a chick who slept around, I'm really smart and he really likes me and I'm every guys dream girl, yada, yada, yada.

Over time, every time I stayed at his house and hung out, he would push trying to sleep with me, but I never did. He still kept saying that I was 'his girl' and whatnot. If he was drunk, he'd be a bit of an ass, but would apologize. He was kind of always playing hot/cold with me but I understood Because he's a player.. About month ago, he started being a real bastard to me and told me things were over and that I was fun because I was a challenge and that's it.I was hurt but decided to get over it and he wasn't worth it. Just kept my head high while working with him, knowing that I should be proud Because I didn't do anything with him sexually..

This is where its weird and confusing...In the last 3 weeks I always notice him staring at me when he thinks I'm not noticing, he avoids me like the plague if he can and really avoids speaking to me at all, even though its at work where things should be professional..

The weirdest thing is that one night when one night when one of the girls dropped me off to my house after work at 1am, he was there. ( he knows where I live Because he's dropped me off before)

Us 2 girls were in the car talking out front when he and his buddy walked up to the car an knocked on window. My work friend talked to him and asked him what he was doing in my part of town because he doesn't live anywhere near me, in fact he lives 40min away.. He said he and his buddy had another friend who lived down the road and they were going there to party or something..

We watched them walk off and they stood in front of the fence of a house and just watched us in the car talking.

In all the times he's dropped me off, he's never mentioned that he has a buddy that lives down the road or anything, in fact he acted like he didn't know my area at all..

To this day, he still stares at me and does everything I said before...He doesn't realize that I notice because I just basically ignore him unless I have to speak to him regarding work, and even then I'm just curt and professional. I barely look at him too.


Is this guy actually into me more than he thought or just downright obsessed now? Or even just a bruised ego?

Please help. This is downright driving me insane!
Is this player obsessed with me now?
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