Do guys care about girls' feelings?

Hi friends! :)

So I just came out of a toxic relationship with this guy... I loved him so much and did everything I could to make him happy and to respect him. But whenever I shared something that concerned me, in a very understanding way, always using ''I'' statements, he became very distant and bothered. Now, since this went on for about more than a year, I finally took the courage to break up with him, since I completely lost myself. I had waited for him to finally start acknowledging my feelings, but he never did, so breaking up was the only thing left for me to do.

However, I hear this a lot from guys around me, who seem to joke a lot about 'girls and their feelings' like it is the most tiring thing on earth. Now don't get me wrong, I know that some women take this to an extreme, but what about gentle and sensitive souls like myself? Because of my experience, I really wonder to what extent guys care about girls feelings.

I am not trying to be harsh, but like I said... I just experienced this way and am very afraid to upset a guy once more. :( Also, I kind of lost my hope about finding a guy who will not get tired of my sensitive side. Like, I am sorry I feel a lot, but I love you and you're my hero but I just feel awful at the moment. How to deal with this? Can someone please share their own experiences on guys and their thoughts on girl's feelings? Thanks!! :)
Do guys care about girls' feelings?
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