Are guys not approaching girls now because of an ego issue?

I was wondering about the abundance of "I don't approach women" comments and want to know if this is one of the factors in why a lot of guys won't approach women anymore.

I feel like guys aren't approaching women because they feel like they are boosting a woman's ego while destroying their own. Like when a guy approaches and flirts with a woman, it will involve things that pretty much boost her self-esteem. Yet if she's not interested in the guy, she's still getting flattered, complimented, appreciated, and so on. But if the guy receives none of this back he may feel like he gave some of himself away while the girl just didn't care. So basically he just boosted a girl's self esteem and made her feel valuable, but even though some girls may approach a guy, it's so rare for some people that they typically don't get that kinda treatment. A girl wouldn't typically give out a "thinking of you" text unless they were already dating.

So with a guy putting himself out there in a potentially vulnerable situation again and again he may start to feel like he's just giving himself away while feeling like he's just getting hurt over and over again, which in turns causes him to start resenting girls, thus coming to this site making angry rants feeling so down about himself.

Now personally, this is the impression I am getting here and feel that guys are approaching women with way too much hopes way too fast over one simple conversation and skipping over getting to know the person. But am I right in assuming that this is how it's typically ending up for a lot of guys that end up reaching the point where they not only stop talking to women but even resent them?

What are your thoughts on this ramble?
Are guys not approaching girls now because of an ego issue?
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