Girls, let me ask you about men who approach you

Howdy womenfolk of!

I'm Hoofdpijn, and I'll be asking you some questions today.

I'm recently single and just getting to the point where I'm ready to start seriously dating again. The problem is, I'm incredibly picky on a lot of criteria, and of the 200 or so new people I've met in the last 6 months, maybe 3-5 of them were women I'd be interested in being with on a long term basis. Many of them were in relationships. All of them are expressing some interest on some level, but nothing solid has developed and I don't know that it will, so I am not going to waste my time waiting around for them. I like being in relationships and having someone intimately close to me to share things with, and I go after what I want.

I'm looking at ways to expand my dating pool. I am adding 'approaching random women that I find attractive, if I catch them checking me out or otherwise indicating their interest' to the list.

I've done this about 10 times, and gotten mostly positive and interesting reactions, but I'm not practiced enough to get real results, I think. One girl made me lunch about an hour after meeting me, but it turns out she had a boyfriend and wasn't my type, anyway.

Right now, though, I'm kind of wanting to size up the competition.

I mostly approach girls 'cold' if they express interest in me at 3 places -- the farmer's market, the bookstore, and on the train. I stepped foot briefly into a club with some friends about 3 weeks ago, and left within about 2 minutes. It's a horrifying environment that kind of disgusts me.

I know that in large cities, a lot of women get approached by men these days, especially if they're physically attractive.

However, I'm curious about the quality of these men in comparison to myself. I generally consider myself pretty attractive compared to most men I see. I am...


180lbs, fairly muscular so that ends up looking pretty slender

Well dressed and well groomed

Probably 7/10 or so in facial attractiveness

Good eye contact, moderately deep voice

A bit of acne, because f*** you genetics

Fairly young (25 years old)

Thick stubble, shaved clean under chin/neck area

If a guy like that approached you and in a friendly fashion asked you if you were single, exchanged names, and bluntly asked a few very broad life compatibility questions (religion, education levels, etc) asked you if there was anything you wanted to know about him, and then if everything lined up okay, asked you out to coffee, how much more likely would you be to go for it than with the average guy who approaches you? Also keep in mind that this is only going to happen if you, say, check the guy out, make eye contact, smile at him, or something along those lines.
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I guess that what I didn't do is explicitly asked how that compares to typical approaches you get. The kind of guys you normally get approached by and their approach.
Girls, let me ask you about men who approach you
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