I rejected her for being bi. Now she's crying?

So there was this girl met through a friend and she liked me. We started talking for a good week until she started to confess that she was bi. I really dont see myself lasting with a girl who is bi. When she told me her sexuality I quickly lost interest in her in a literal second. She noticed that my tone sounded as if I was disappointed (which was correct). She told me if something was wrong but I tried to act nothing was. It wasn't until she started pressuring me that I finally said that "im not interested in bi girls. When I rejected her she started bawling her eyes out to the point she could barely breathe. I felt bad that I tried calming her down but it didn't work. Now before you guys start assuming that I was hostile telling her what I really thought about her, I wasn't. I was being as honest as I can. Am I right for doing this or am I a jerk?
I rejected her for being bi. Now she's crying?
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