What does it mean when guy grabs your ass?

I was at a club and there was this guy that I have never talked to before, but we kinda knew each other through friends.

Two of our friends started making out so the two of us laughed at the sight and started talking. He was holding his hand on my lower waist and after a while grabbed my butt. I acted as if nothing happened and so did he. Later that night he put his hands around my waist from behind and I did nothing, again.

The next day he kinda ignored me when he came to say hi to my friend who introduced us. He avoided eye contact and talked to her, did not even look at me. After a few days, I caught him staring from across the club and he mouthed something but I didn't understand what.

I always get shy around the guys that I like, so I might come off as uninterested. Also, I always thought he was out of my league.

What do you think, did he like me? And if so, do I still have a chance?
What does it mean when guy grabs your ass?
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