How do I help my boyfriend realise he's good enough for me?

My boyfriend is always saying he's so lucky to get me and he can't believe a girl like me would be in love with him. He says i have to put up with a lot with him and his family are always criticising him for how he treats me. Yet no offence but they think that because they have more money than sense.

My boyfriend comes from a rich background but that doesn't mean he's rich himself. I think he thinks because im good to him too he should be taking me out to 5 star restaurants and buying me expensive things because he sees a the males im his life do that for their women.

His brother in law is always taking his stister out for dinner and on hoildays and spoiling her but he's also in hundreds of pounds in debt because of it.

My boyfriend cooks me breakfast and dinner. Takes care of me when im ill or going through a bad time. He drives over a hour to see me. He's apparently even bought me something really expensive for Christmas (i think it's jewelry). We may not go out all the time but when he does it actually makes it feel a little bit more special because we don't do it on the regular.

Im come from new money and have lived most my life in poor working class areas where its not rare to hear about men beating up their girlfriends, cheating and spending all their money on getting pissed and all my boyfriend wants to do is snuggle up with me and take care of me.

Even my family think he's great and my stisters said if i don't marry him one day id be mad.

He also has a lot more responsibility than most young men, he runs his own business and does most the caring for his vulnerable family. As well as helping run a charity.

My mum and dad are always looking after me not the other way around like he has too now. I don't get up early in the morning to cook him breakfast like he does for me, i don't cook him dinner and i can't drive.
How do I help my boyfriend realise hes good enough for me?
How do I help my boyfriend realise hes good enough for me?
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Even today i had my first job interview after being out of work since March because of covid and i was really nervous to point i was ill. He kept trying to resource me and even said he was nervous because i was nervous and that he was really proud of me for getting through it.

Like i have the most sweetest boyfriend in the world and he doesn't think he's good enough for me
How do I help my boyfriend realise he's good enough for me?
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