What makes him deny his feelings for me?

He acts differently with me than with other female friends: jokes in the group about sex with me, flirts, but id nervous with me in two, compliments my outfit, is protective of me and jealous when I mention my crushes. When I ask him what he feels for me he deny his feelings... The problem is that he often gets mean to me for no reason and starts to insult me. Still he initiates contact, when he see me he smiles and are very happy or confused. He was heartbroken and says that " love does not exist". Once I thought maybe he hates me... but when he thought something bad happened to me he was so afraid , started to text me, he said his heart was shaking... Why?
1 y
Maybe you will explain it. It makes me sad cause I love him and my intuition says that he is feelimg really bad and fights his love.
What makes him deny his feelings for me?
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