Does My Cousin Like Me?

My male cousin is 6 months younger than me but much bigger. He lives out of state but we basically grew up together. For a few years, I hadn’t seen him until I was 13. He was 13 too. He had said compliments in a weird tone which made me uncomfortable but that issue was eventually settled.

Then he started coming over more to visit or for a family emergency but it was always with someone else or one of my friends. The issue that had occurred when I was 13 was forgotten until one Christmas break and this time, it was just him. I was 15 and he was 14. He kept asking for hugs, kept touching my hands, kept holding my hands, and I even accidentally fell on his lap from a hug he requested and he didn’t think to give me time to get up.

I said I didn’t like hugging a lot or even touching but he did still continued. I started to question the behavior since we were opposite gender, teenaged cousins. He always said I was his favorite cousin and persuaded me to say he was mine. If I refused a hug then he’d say, “I thought I was your favorite cousin.” I felt slightly uncomfortable but confused.

Then over spring break, I told myself it was all in my head because he was interested in someone. But he was still asking for multiple hugs, kept wanting to pick me up, cuddled if we were watching a movie, kept holding my hand, kept playing with my hand, and just showed affection that people would usually show in a relationship. I could even relate a past relationship I had with an old boyfriend to the behavior from my cousin. I had already been molested by a cousin in my childhood so over spring break I wasn’t uncomfortable. I suffered PTSD. This behavior is questionable. Does my cousin like me? Does my cousin lust me? Is it all in my head?
Does My Cousin Like Me?
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