Why do I attract guys who constantly lie about everything?

Basically all of my ex crushes seem to have one thing in common and it’s lying.

So, first crush from middle school, I asked for his number and I found out it was fake when I tried calling him, and when I found his real number from somebody else (I shouldn’t of done that, ik but this was 7th grade) he blocked my number when I texted him saying who I was, he blocked me on social media.

2nd crush technically lied about things to manipulate me and keep me from being upset with him. I think he liked me a little but his actions later on didn’t add up.

3rd crush from high school I just knew he was genuine because he was smart and was easy to talk to. We were talking about prom at one point and he wanted to take me. So one day he wasn’t at school and he wanted me to get the info about prom and when I let him know about the cost and stuff, he says “I’m sorry, I can’t take you, I have a girlfriend now and asked her” I saw him at prom and I didn’t see him with her. He said she didn’t wanna go but the whole time we planned prom he had a girlfriend already and didn’t tell me til prom day got closer.

And my current crush is this guy at my job. He actually showed interest and was super helpful and caring to me, but later he’s been kinda off and I don't know how to stop liking him. He’s like my 2nd crush who lie to make me not get upset with him. He told my brother that he wanted a relationship with me, but told my cousin he just wanted someone to fuck with. And the list goes on, he even lies to his own family members

Now 2 of these guys actually seemed genuine and wanted me but I don’t get why lie to keep my feelings from getting hurt. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Men always talk about wanting an honest woman, but these 4 men are dishonest asf and don’t even care. I know it’s not all men but my experience with 4 guys who all lied to me is already too much
Why do I attract guys who constantly lie about everything?
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