My boyfriend got angry that a male nurse touched me?

I had a mild chest pain yesterday and so my boyfriend took me to the doctors
The doctor said I might have a blood clot so she told me to go the hospital to get a blood test only to check.

We went to the hospital
And this young male nurse came out to call me - and my boyfriend came inside the room with me

This male nurse was asking questions like "tell me where the chest pain is"
And so I told him its near my breast area
And the male nurse proceeded to examine me by touching my chest area and around my boob area

And my boyfriend got abit annoyed and asked him
"Can u get a female nurse please? I don't feel comfortable you touching my girlfriend"
So he got a female nurse
But the female nurse was just standing there and the male nurse started to examine me again

And so my boyfriend got angry and said
"Why are you touching her and not this female nurse? I told you I don't feel comfortable about you touching my girlfriend. I don't like this. Lets go babe, get up and we're leaving now"

Was my boyfriend overreacting or was he in the right?
My boyfriend got angry that a male nurse touched me?
Yeah your boyfriend was right in doing that
It's understandable what your boyfriend did but abit overreacted
No your boyfriend was wrong for doing that
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You guys calling him insecure and a controlling dick... that's pathetic.
He ended up taking me to the hospital again the next to get my results and see if I have a blood clot or not. He still stayed with me for an hour to get my results. That means he cares.
He just didn't like ANY man touching me. And I understand.
I wouldn't like a female doctor touching him either.
My boyfriend got angry that a male nurse touched me?
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