He’s possessive but let’s his friend hit on me. Why?

his responses when I told him that his 34 year old friend makes me uncomfortable / sent me sexual messages:

”If your getting some messages like that then your giving off some impression doesn’t mean I can’t trust someone I’m with not to have a convo with someone else but looks like I can’t so bye”
I told him weeks later this older friend was still trying to be sexual toward me and he said
”I don’t get why all of a sudden it’s making you double think things. I’m not gonna bad talk him and say why you should or shouldn’t talk to him. I know what I want at the end of the day it is your decision your big enough to make it”

I then told him this friend has been telling me that my boyfriend is playing me and he just said “I don’t know why’d believe that or let some fool in your head”

i asked the friend myself what the deal is

he said “share a woman? Never... you are all his. I’m just in it for your company” but then at times he would message me saying I was “both of theirs”

It’s bothering me and has for a long time but I never said a thing because I didn’t wanna seem paranoid... my boyfriend gets angry and jealous at me talking to other guys but seemingly accepts this friends behaviour
He’s possessive but let’s his friend hit on me. Why?
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