Will a guy who likes you try and get revenge for you?

I like this guy we can call him John. John and I are video games together a lot. I really like him and it seems sometimes like he likes me and sometimes like he is indifferent to me.

It seems as if he is progressively becoming more and more indifferent to me though. But some things he does just really throw me off. I used to think he liked me back but now I can't tell if he likes me and is hiding it or maybe he never liked me at all or maybe he used to like me and is now losing interest. Though one thing he has been doing way more often is (in games) acting out revenge for me. Like today we were playing with some people and one of them was being mean to me and I jsut messaged him saying that I didn't like that person. And he messaged me back saying he would kill them in a really scummy way which u honestly enjoyed because the person was really an ahole. And also that same day he killed someone in the game we play for ignoring me and let me live and when they complained about him showing favoritism he just basically said that they should have answered my question. Another day we were playing a fighter game and one of the people killed me really fast and I didn't get a single hit in and he just said "don't worry cel, I'm going to embarass them for you"

He does nice stuff like that and personally I do not try and defend just any old friend in game to the point of wanting to get revenge for them unless I like them... I was wondering could he possibly be doing the same thing and would you as a man do these type of things if you were not interested in the person you were doing it for?

Also as a side note I never asked him to do any of those thing.
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First off, he's not angry and it's not really "psycho" because the whole goal of the game is to kill the enemy so they were going to die anyway but he jsut says that he will get them for me or just kills the person who is being an ahole to me *first*
Will a guy who likes you try and get revenge for you?
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