If a guy likes you he will go out of his way?

To always be around you" ... or so its been said a ton of times. I am not asking for myself, although, I will probably use what I learn down the road, I am just asking to better understand all this stuff. To me, this sounds "stalkery" when I hear this about guys, I think of a guy who won't stop texting or calling or who sits outside your window waiting for you and that's creepy, what girl would want that? LOL

So IF this is indeed a true statement... then explain it better. Does it mean he literally ALWAYS wants to be around you? Not giving you or himself any space or does it mean things like he will sometimes talk to you if he sees you or do nice things for you like offer to give you a ride etc... ?

I guess I didn't explain my question as well... I am wondering, well... so far it appears this saying is true... but what are examples of it then?

I mean is it just doing nice things and talking to you sometimes or is it basically "obsessing" over someone...? What if you have busy lives? LOL... I have no idea... I am just wondering things like "he will text you all the time" or "he will do things to impress you" examples like that


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  • I would say that...when a guy is developing an interest in a female...yes he will find excuses to be around her...however I have noticed this in females as well. Once a relationship is underway...is natural to want to be around your love as much as possible...the problems would arise when either sex is overbearing, clingy, sneaky or controlling...and there could well be compatibility problems...say for instance I want to see you every day or every other day and you are content with seeing me only twice a week...eh...in that case, though, I would question as to whether you are in love with me or not...(:(:(:

    • You are right, girls do it too! I always go out of my way to get the guy I like's attention. well not always as in daily but always as in each time I like someone :0 I am independant though and hate feeling smothered so I usually break it up a bit. One of my frineds liked me once and he would not stop hanging on it, it drove me NUTS! I didn't talk to him for a few days after that.

    • Gals & guys in love usually cannot seem to get enough of each other...like I said..the problems seem to arise when one individual cares more than the other..or is obsessive about it...Have you ever been besotted?...almost everyone of my male friends has and every one of them has been completely humbled by some woman...and it is not pretty...they drink and cry and sleep in cars and on floors...o.O

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  • TOO MUCH DETAIL! It just means that a guy will actually put his hobbies / habits aside to be around you. Like if you don't approve of smoking, he would quit to be around you. Things like that.

  • How well does he know her, how sure is he that he has a chance with her? If he doesn't know her too well, isn't too sure, you may see more of him, keeping tabs on his prize


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  • Yes, he'll want as much contact with you as possible (e.g. text, fb, messaging etc.) the less obvious will keep it nonchalant but they will contact you every so often.

    Need more information on that guy, he could just be being nice.

    • True, I suppose it depends on each guy and each situation. Just trying to understand men better LOL

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    • You are too sharp for your own good...O.O

    • Haha I know, most men have become too easy these days. Takes away some of the excitement, but at least I'm very rarely unsure.