How to ask out a new friend?

I'm 22 M and I just started college a few weeks ago. I went to community College my first 2 years and this is my first time living on campus and it's been awesome. I've met a whole friend group who I love hanging out with almost daily.

One girl in the friend group has particularly caught my eye. We get along really well and make eachother laugh a lot and have hung out a bit outside the group. I get the impression she at the very least likes me a lot as a friend.

The problem is I'm very inexperienced in this area. I never dated in high school. In fact the only dates I've been on were with girls I've met online. I'm not really sure if she just views me as a good friend who she likes hanging out with or as possibly something more. My inexperience makes me a bit insecure and I'm not really sure how to approach things. I want to date her but I'm not sure what steps to take.

Any advice on what I should do? If you need any more specifics I can tell you a bit more as well.
How to ask out a new friend?
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