What do I do about this guy?

So im a guy and 15, This other guy in my class will literally fart in my face, He farted in another guys face and they just laughed together, My friends were outraged and wanted me to "teach him a lesson with my fist" But this guy is on the football team and is very tall and burly and lean he would beat my @ss i stand no chance vs him in a fight, This idiot will burp in peoples face and fart, He also put his hands in his pants and tried to touch me, somehow all the other dudes in the class think he is "cool" What do i do? Telling a teacher about a kid farting on me seems embarrassing, Like i said i can't tell him to stop, He would destroy me in a fight, ( My class is outside FAR away from teachers where we dig and spread mulch), I want to punch him the next time he burps or farts on me but i dont want my @ss handed to me, What do i do?
What do I do about this guy?
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