What are his intentions and am I overthinking?

I went to a car dealership and the salesman was acting super nice. We were just laughing and joking about stuff. When I went in the car to call the insurance company, he told me I seemed really sweet and he would have been so sad if he couldn't have approved my credit, and was glad it passed. He kept telling me it would be okay and he would figure it out when a problem came up. He went out of his way to open my door and mentioned that he hoped his breath didn't smell because we were in such a tight space. I thought nothing of it until I went home and he requested my Facebook. I hadn't given him my Facebook information, which means he just looked me up after seeing my car papers. Was he flirting or being nice? Thanks!
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I just found out he has a wife sohe probably wasn't flirting! Just wanted to see what others thought!
What are his intentions and am I overthinking?
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