Is it slutty to ask for guys numbers?

I'm 27 and I have come to the conclusion that I am tired of waiting around for guys to ask me out. I see guys checking me out all the time but they never approach me. So I was thinking just to do it myself. I just have some thoughts keeping me back.

- Is it slutty to ask for guys numbers? Will the guy think I am a whore?
- My dad is old school and he told me that guys will assume I am a easy girl because I am approaching them and they will treat me like shit/talk disrespectfully to me because I took the chase away from them.
- Will I always look desperate?

I already have one of my pick up lines set up. I'll try to have a normal conversation before asking the guy. Then I'll say, "I was dared by my imaginary friends to ask for your number, would it be cool if I could get it?" I have other normal and funny ways to ask but thats one of them at the moment lol. Anyway your thoughts

I would also like to add that I am a serious girl. I'm not looking for anything casual, just a serious relationship and marriage in the future. I plan to ask a lot of guys for their numbers. So i can find the one I'm looking for. I also think it'll be really fun to ask for their numbers and confidence boosting, I know I'll get rejected some too. But I always thought, "Man if I was a guy id be approaching girls all the time." Now I can finally live that fantasy 😆
Is it slutty to ask for guys numbers?
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