My past fuckbuddy cancelled on me last minute. What do you think was the actual reason?

So a few months ago, my former fuckbuddy (that lives in another state & who I got feelings for) basically begged me to come to his city, telling me that his birthday was on that upcoming weekend & that he wanted to see me for his birthday. He said he would book me a hotel room & everything. He had previously reserved me a hotel room when I was planning to go to his city with a friend of mine earlier this year, & he sent me the reservation number & everything, so I trusted that he was serious about the hotel part at least.

This time though, he didn’t send me any details of the reservation & I don’t know why I didn’t ask him about it. But on the morning of the day I was supposed to come, he told me not to come because he was ‘sick’ & ‘got tested for covid & couldn’t come out until he got his results’ which I believed at first. He also told me that I could still come to the hotel alone if I wanted to but that they most likely wouldn’t let me check in because the reservation was under his name. He told me he’d ask them if they could change the name & he got back to me & claimed they couldn’t. I then just told him I wouldn’t go & he asked if I could come the following week.

Later that night, knowing he was supposed to be sick at home, I asked him some questions I’ve been wanting to ask him for a while, but he kept avoiding them, & I got a bit annoyed at him & then he sent me a short video Snapchat of his legs with some other guys legs in a car. So I then knew he was lying about being sick & not being able to go out. He then bluntly replied ‘I’m busy, I’m with people’ in an attempt to show me he wasn’t just trying to ‘avoid answering my questions’.

When I asked my friends about why they think he cancelled, they all said to me ‘it’s obvious he found another girl’ but I don’t know about that. Like what if the hotel was just never booked & he just wanted to go out with his guy friends instead like I saw in his snap?
My past fuckbuddy cancelled on me last minute. What do you think was the actual reason?
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