Is the guy I like actually genuine?

We had been chatting for about a month before we officially met and it was by chance. He took me home and we’d text everyday and meet up a couple days a week and have a nice chill night and sleep together. When we met up he’d always say things like “I care about you”, “I feel so protective of you” and “I like you a lot”. I’ve known him in person for about a month now. The past week I’ve been left on delivered for a day or two at a time even though he is viewing my story. I don’t think I did anything wrong and he did say he would come and see me next week, and that he’s been really busy. I’m happy to believe that if it’s true. However, last night my flatmates showed me a picture of him with another girl in the club from 2 weeks ago when I was away for the day. Again we aren’t exclusive but it really made me jealous because he kept telling me how much he liked me and how protective he felt over me. To give him benefit of the doubt they didn’t see him kiss her but they did only see him for a couple minutes. One of them did recognise him and ask if it was him in the club. He came over to my flat 2 days after that night and my flatmate said she did say he looked guilty when he saw her because I didn’t know at this point. I want to ask about it because it’s very mixed signals but the fact I’m being left on delivered for so long isn’t helpful. I have his number so I could call, or I could ask if he does hold up his promise and come see me. It just hurts cause I’m not really into sleeping around and it makes me jealous to think he is. I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong but I guess I can’t be sure unless we chat. I don’t think he knows I know but I think it might be best to make him aware, but do I pull out the photos because I don’t want to suddenly turn it into a blame game. He might have just had an off night but I’m just getting very mixed signals so I just need some opinions on my situations.
Is the guy I like actually genuine?
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