My friends with benefits went through my phone?

Last night my sex buddy texted me and asked to come over. I was else aging on saying yes or no because of the holiday I’ve been working doubles this past month. Before i could respond to him he double texted me and said “hello? Why aren’t you texting back are you with another man”

So i finally responded and said “no but, I’m tired so if you’re coming come now” and he texted back and said “you sure there isn’t anyone in your house FaceTime me and let me see” i ignored the text a few minutes later he said he was on the way

When he got here he started questioning me. Telling me I’ve been texting back slow, inquiring about other men, asking did i have an attitude with him. That’s when he picked my phone up and went through my messages.

He saw pictures of men and texts and asked me who were they. So i was honest and told him that one was my ex but we haven’t met up or anything and he said “well i don’t care if you sleep with other men you’re grown and you’re going to do whatever you want to do” and then he said “it’ll reveal itself but i don’t care if you sleep with other guys”
And i said “well I’m not sleeping around and he said yeah but i don’t care if you do” “you’ve been acting funny so you can do whatever”

TL:DR; am i wrong for wanting to cut him off after he was acting like this. He does stuff like this every weekend but this was his first time going through my phone
My friends with benefits went through my phone?
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