Just need to vent.. What do you guys think ghosted or genuine? thoughts? Pov?

Online friends for past 4 months. We confessed we felt some feelings for each other (He did first). He said ball was in my hands, so I suggested we could see what happend by the time he was back in the states in spring'22 & if he still felt the same maybe we could meet but for now to just go with the flow.
Eventually he said he couldn't be just friends because his feelings kept growing.. so we started actively making an effort to talk less.
2 months ago I got a new job. As a result I wasn't online much but I'd still text everyday.
In this time I noticed his replies seemed dry. When I brought it up he said something along the lines " i always makes an effort to accommodate to your schedule but you never take that into consideration. The time difference, your new schedule & my own job load during peak szn is a lot & i'm sleepy these days. When I text you in evenings I'm just sleepy but still stay up & text you.". I felt bad so we discussed this & then things seemed fine again !
Fast forward to this past month...
He goes ghost for 5 days.
When he reappeared he said his flu symptoms had gotten worse & he's been really sick & basically apologized for going mia. We had short sweet for few days after that. But He said he's still not feeling great & that he only came online to explain & say hi because he felt bad for leaving me suddenly & missed me, etc. & that he would call me to go in detail about what happend.. the next morning he sent the usual GM text & well he hasn't logged in since then... It's been 2 weeks...
I'm worried for him a lot... but
I do wonder of im being clowned & he's literally just ghosting me & this sickness was all just an excuse.

We only communicate through the app so there's nothing I can do.. I've kept busy ,& don't log on everyday but I'd feel like an asshole if he was going through something truly bad & im here thinking rotten. Anyways I don't know what to think or feel or do..
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I just wanted thank y'all for the comments that actually felt thought out &whatnot. I feel better about this & validated. So thanks Bees
Just need to vent.. What do you guys think ghosted or genuine? thoughts? Pov?
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