Am I in the wrong here? Isn't this guy dishonest?

Hi people, so here's the story. I've been chatting with this guy that I met online for about 6 months. We've been getting along really well with each other and it seemed there was a special connection between us. We used to chat for literally hours a day about lots of stuff (even personal) and exchanged names, phone numbers, chatted on Skype etc and made plans to meet in real life and move together this March. The guy claimed he love me and he would really want to move in with him.

Suddenly yesterday this guy told me that he has to sell the house that he lives in currently, look for a new house and that his brother's health is a priority right now and that I can visit him one day, unless I visit him real quick. (and then fly back where I live) When I told him how quickly, he said "in a week". Unfortunately I'm getting the third booster shot for Covid-19 on Friday and for this reason, I'll have to wait 10 days before I'm able to travel (to have immunity)

Isn't what this guy is doing very unfair? If he thinks he can't wait anymore and our relationship isn't working out, why doesn't he tell me directly, instead of making excuses, pulling the trigger and setting a deadline he knows I can't meet?
Am I in the wrong here? Isn't this guy dishonest?
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