How do I get my male friend to stop being insecure?

So I was giving my friend an idea on what color he should dye his hair. I ran into a picture on Instagram of a guy who recently dyed his hair a sandy blonde color.

So I showed my friend and he got kinda irritated saying stuff like “Why are you showing me pictures of another dude?” “That’s gay, I don’t wanna look at him” and it’s maybe the 2nd time he reacted strangely to a picture I showed him.

Like I was just giving him some suggestions so he could get an idea of the type of color I was talking about.

And not to mention it wasn’t like the guy was shirtless or straight up nude. He was fully clothed and it was a simple selfie.

But now I’m sad cause I think I upset him and he probably assumes that I’m interested in the guy on Instagram and it made him jealous or something.

How should I talk to him about his reaction?
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I’ve had other male friends who never reacted this way when I show them stuff on my phone. If it isn’t insecurity then what is it?
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For those who keep saying he’s mad at the color, this happened before and the topic had nothing to do with dying hair. He’s reacted like that TWICE! First time was not hair color related. I showed him a picture of another guy friend of mine cause I invited them to hang out and get food so he’ll know what he look like. Then he said “Why you gotta show me! I don’t wanna see that!” I even showed my other friends his picture too and they didn’t react that way.
How do I get my male friend to stop being insecure?
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