Need Dating advice?

I'll start my story with the good side.

I have been seeing this guy for 4times now. And I can say I have a good time whenever we hangout. The good side is he always ensure that I'm comfortable with him whenever we go out and initiates on setting dates. He never pushes himself to me (like holding hands, kissing or even hooking up) which I like because it just means he respected me as a person.

But The thing is.. My love language is communication/connection. He doesn't give an effort on communicating with me. I get that we have work and all but its weird for me that he does not shoot any simple text at all. At first I didn't mind it but as the days and meet ups goes by its confusing me. It come to a point that I always need to make a move just to be able to talk to him. I do not want to look im chasing him so I also copy what he's doing to me. Giving short replies and sending it late. I dont feel any warmth on him when were not together. Its weird that he's different in person and in text/social media.

I've been overthinking and juggling if i should say Thank you and Goodbye. I need some guy's perspective to enlightenment me on his behavior.
Need Dating advice?
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