I like a guy who insulted me about 8 years ago. I still really like him. Please read?

So basically, we used to work in the same division at the same job and I saw him every day.
He told me once (out of nowhere) these exact words, “you’re quick to judge, you make generalizations, and you’ll probably be wrong”.
What’s interesting though is that he would often be friendly to me at work, talking to me and sometimes making conversation back or even sometimes making funny jokes in response to things I would say. He even shared a couple somewhat personal things with me a couple times. It made it seem to me like he had a bit of a crush on me for these reasons. Yet he told me the most insulting things. Why? It seems like he didn’t mean it or didn’t mean it the way it sounds. Or maybe sometimes people are still friends anyway with people they think have some bad qualities anyway but still hang out with. I’m not sure whether to be annoyed or mad.
Some background on this. I used to be kind of a mean girl. I’ve changed my old ways though and I’m a better person than I used to be.
As for right now it’s been years and I still think about him all the time. I have feelings for him and find myself thinking about him all the time. Yet it seems hopeless to when it seems I don’t have a chance with him.
Is there any possibility he might see me about 8 years from then (this happened a while ago) and see that I’ve changed as a person? It seems very unlikely though. Once people have a first impression of you it doesn’t usually change.
I just don’t know what to do…. I’m actually very infatuated with him right now and can’t stop thinking about him. I have to make up my mind about my crush on him and what to do about it though.
+1 y
I really regret what I said. It’s not “insulting”, but really more like, “said something about me that wasn’t good but was true”. Insulting is when you say something that is unfairly bad about someone.
I like a guy who insulted me about 8 years ago. I still really like him. Please read?
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