Why is my previous situationship popping up periodically?

I’m a 32f and he’s a 36m. At the beginning of the situationship he was all in and then immediately backed away and later told me “he couldn’t be what I needed.” Then a month later, back on, but he was still inconsistent and hot and cold so I backed off but it was on good terms. Later matched on bumble but I never messaged him so he texted me to ask why I let it “expire.” We texted a few times after then nothing for almost two months. I legitimately wanted to be friends but he did not seem to want to be anything. Then he texted “whatever became of you?” after two months.

During the times where the situationship has not been “on” he has not tried to booty call me. I don’t know what to make of this. I assume he is bored or wants an ego boost. I would like the satisfaction of feeling like he wants me/regrets something - but realize that will likely never happen. Still want it and still really liked him and feel used.

Will he text again? I will not reach out. If he does, is it better to be nonchalant or to not respond at all?
1 mo
Also, I am dating someone else. Dk if I should or should not casually mention that - or if it makes it look like I still care. I legitimately do not want to be with him.
Why is my previous situationship popping up periodically?
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