Only wanted sexual fling?


It wasn't a relationship but we saw each other for and then again he seemed like he wanted to go out again. He was giving compliments too but it all vaniahed when i didn't ask him out via texts. He became passive aggressive again.

On our first ever date I noticed that while he was sharing bits and pieces about himself, I was the only one asking him more questions. He wasn't asking me many questions. He also checked me out from head to toe

He had asked me where I live and told him but when I asked him, he dodged it at first and the 2nd time, he mentioned Richmond.

He said the break shall be in a different city (I told him my place is a student hall where I don't like living) so I'm assuming he didn't want to take me to his house and he knew he can't come to mine hence going to a different place?

He wanted a kiss but I didn't kiss him as I felt it was too early.

The 2nd date was awful. When I asked him about his recent plans, he kept saying he has friends inviting him for lunches and dinners and another friend is coming to visit him from Paris. So basically, all the "future plans" were gone.

He was very cold with me and he even said he doesn't want to keep me waiting for long with him. He was clearly not interested in talking to me and I noticed all he did was check me out and give forced, irritated replies.

At one point, he even stopped talking and started watching other people around us. He was also looking at my legs instead of being interested in our conversation smh.

Then a group of girls wearing tiny shorts came in and he pointed towards 1 girl whose ass cheeks were visible. He said he saw her on the tube and how he's not a creep but it was just a coincidence..

He also said he went on lunch with his female friend a day before and how he will be going over to another female friends house after our date.

When we parted, he gave me a hug but after that, he stopped meeting me and replying to me.

What is his issue?

Only wanted sexual fling?
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