Am I wrong for not contacting my male friend for months sometimes?

So I have this social media friend, who I have been talking to for the past 2 years. He's awesome and we have a fantastic connection. He has been wanting to meet up for those 2 years but because I had a boyfriend, I just kept putting it off. Obviously he grew frustrated and had voiced that fustration. Problem is, as soon as i stopped speaking to him for a month or two,( I think he took that personal) he deleted all social media and I had no way of getting in touch with him.

And the reason I do stop talking to him for that period of time is because we really don't need to be talking everyday. We should be able to, as friends , go a couple months without speaking with no hard feelings, and check back in with each other and see how life is treating us.

But NO, instead he deletes all his social media permanently and is nowhere to be found! Then he makes a new account about 7/8 months later and picks up like nothing ever happens and starts trying to make plans again. So July he came back and we got to talking about meet up plans. (My boyfriend and I were not together at this point) All through August and currently this month, September , I never spoke with him or met up. So what does he do? ... Deletes his social media AGAIN once I went radio silent.

All my other friends don't make such a big deal when I stop talking to them for a couple of months and don't take drastic measures because of it. When a friend stops talking to me for a couple of months I just assume they are busy, or need space and it's not my place to really get angry at that nor do they really owe me that. I thought this was normal. I'm genuinely confused.

I've spoken to some friends about this. While some agree with me and say he's unhinged and drastic , others have not agreed, and have said I'm being cruel for not contacting him within those months. What is going on with him? Am I in the wrong?

Am I wrong for not contacting my male friend for months sometimes?
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