Is this odd behavior coming from a guy?


I genuinely can’t tell if this guy hates me or what. The first time i met him, i was walking with my friend and he gave a look like🤨. And was “hello?” so we said hello back and he kinda just looked at us like there was something wrong with us. The second time was in the mini lounge area on my dorms floor. We’re all on the same floor. The lounge area is for you to do homework, study, call family, and etc. So i went in there because i wanted to call my grandma. but he was already in there, so he was like “sorry” because he knew i probably wanted to be the only one there. so i was like “oh no it’s fine” so i just walked towards to the seat near him. then he was like “oh well i’m on the phone with someone” basically letting me know like he didn’t want me in there i guess? so i left. then later that day, i saw him and gave him a small smile which he returned. then the next day i saw him and waved. he didn’t wave back or smile, he just walked away. now if we see each other, we just look at each other for a few seconds and that’s it. i don’t understand. what does this mean?

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i saw him again in the dining hall so i waved and he didn’t do anything. but he sat in the booth beside me. he was with his friend, eric. the second i left, i saw the guy mock my wave to him, he didn’t see that i saw though because his back was towards him. but his friend eric saw that i saw and he was smiling. but in conclusion, this guy is rude
Is this odd behavior coming from a guy?
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