Can a guy still like a girl even if they take hours to respond?

So I met a guy at Uni and I found his Instagram and we started texting and then he asked for my number so we started texting on messages. In class we have said hi to each other and he moved to sit next to me. His not dry at all and he sends long messages, he continues the conversation because he has asked me questions and seems like he wants to get to know me. I recently asked him if he wanted to go see a movie but I said it subtly and he said we should and told me when he was busy and when he was free too.

The only thing that I am confused about is sometimes he would respond to me quick but most of the time it is slow replies but he still writes a lot. Like now he just messages me like 1-3 times a day but most of the time it's once or twice a day and so I don't know if he is interested in me. What makes me confused is he said yes to the movies but he doesn't text me as much anymore or reply quickly like he used to at the beginning. I do know that he is busy with Uni work as he does more subjects then me, he also told me he has restrictions on Instagram so he doesn't go on it as much and told me he deleted TikTok.

So I am not sure if he could still be interested in me but is just busy or not go on his phone much due to his work. But if he wasn't interested in me then why would he want to go see a movie with me unless he is being polite or just wants to as friends because I don't know. But should I continue to text him and go watch a movie with him or not bother if he doesn't bother to send messages quickly as it doesn't take long to send a message.

My friend also texted him on Instagram to see if he would reply to her and he didn't so is that a good thing if a random girl texts him and he doesn't respond. Because he responded to me when he first didn't know me, but now he won't respond to a girl he doesn't know. Like you know if a guy is interested in a girl they won't make an effort to get to know other girls. But I am not sure what to do.

Can a guy still like a girl even if they take hours to respond?
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