What does it mean when a guy has a girlfriend but says he likes you?


This guy has a girlfriend but he says he likes me & will miss me and invites me to hang out with his friends (boys & girls) which also our classmates. I was a bit hesitant to join them, how his friends will react (I said yes to his invitation cause it was our class farewell). We never go out on a date nor he ever asked me (well he did once, but I said no to that cause I didn't really know him couple years ago).

Strangely, none of his friends acted awkward around me. They were all very welcoming and friendly despite being acquaintance with the guy's girlfriend and aware that he's still in relationship. They're dating for at least two years.

At some point he asked me how I get along with his friends and all. When I said they're nice, he replied "oh that's good if you get along". Adding more to my confusion...

When he's friends around, he doesn't seem worry about things he said to me or the way we interact. He sat next to me the whole time when we hung out despite there's an empty seat next to his friends.

He also told me his types and what he's looking for in a partner. Even risk to dropped me off despite his girlfriend track his location everytime and seem to be jealous when I speak about other guys.

Outside class, we often had deep conversations around relationship and life in general. He remembers all little details of our conversations.

Several friends mistaken us as a couple. I'm guessing there's noway his close friends don't pick that up as well.

He also said he wished things we different and he'd date me if things were different.

So what he's intentions here? And why he's friends acted like nothing happened? Or did I miss something here? Or I just read too much into it?

What does it mean when a guy has a girlfriend but says he likes you?
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