Guys, GUYS/Ex accepted my invite to connect?

Without going into the traumatic details that separated us (wasn't our fault) suffice it to say, due to the stress we endured over a period of 6 years, things ended between us. And it wasn't pretty. He had a lot to be held accountable for in terms of allowing his family to do us such harm in the first place. Long story short, we were childhood friends who grew up really close and later on, we pretty much meddling each other's marriages to be together. Circumstances didn't allow us to make it real.

Here we are MANY years later, and I know he tried to find me in the past, but my older sister (who never liked him) didn't tell me, my brother told me about this later. This relationship devastated me, and it hurt A LOT after I left him. For years. I always knew that I'd never be capable of loving anyone else the way that I loved him and the way that he loved me.

He had no social media, but it looks like he's been on IG these days, and I found him, sent a request, and he immediately accepted. It also seems like right after he accepted it, he uploaded a profile picture of himself that hadn't been there before - he had NO profile picture until 4 minutes after he accepted my request.

Well, it's been 4 days, and he never messaged me or said anything. Just wondering why accept if you aren't going to say anything? Sure, I could message him but I won't.

Guys, GUYS/Ex accepted my invite to connect?
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