Why do girls like introverted guys?

I'm an introverted guy... I thought that would make me invisible to most people ( it's actually what most introverts want lol ).. especially girls , since most people think a man should be extroverted and stuff... but the thing is... it seems like girls are really into me... I literally do nothing and they're the ones who make the first move.. approaching , asking me out and flirting all the time... I just got curious about what makes me... an introverted lone wolf type of guy who avoids attention almost all the time lol... so attractive to them... I thought about it , kinda discussed it with a female friend... and I think I came up with a few reasons why girls like introverted guys... correct me if I'm wrong lol :

1- introverted guys are mysterious and that's kinda hot..

2- they don't simp lol

3- they're not always looking / asking for attention and validation and that exudes confidence.. plus it's pretty masculine

4- they often turn up to be passionate and intelligent once you get to know them..

5- they know how to make a girl feel special because they really appreciate the people in their close circle..

6- shy / quiet people tend to be secretly freaky, that's just a fact xD

7- they're less likely to be annoying and push or cross your boundaries , and girls really... really appreciate that from my experience...

Okay that's it... so , what do you think? and oh almost forgot , I'm a handsome dude... And I'm gonna be honest, it really helps with the whole thing... if you're introverted and pretty average looking... most likely you will do become invisible lol...

Why do girls like introverted guys?
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