I think im dating a weak man?


We went to a restaurant and he said how much he missed it and how he liked it.

I asked why you never came here before meeting me, its near his house anyways.

He said when he was dating his ex she refused to go there.

I asked:but if you really liked the food and its so amazing why not? and if you liked it why wouldn't you go on your own, she doesn't like it its her problem.

He said: a waitress once called him handsome, out of politeness...

And his ex went mad af and got super jealous and didn't want to go there anymore so he never went there.

Dont you think its reinforcing her insecurities? I would never stop going there, Id prove she can be con fident with me and trust me and wouldn't play her games. Who the f she is to tell where he can and cannot eat... some bs!

Dont you agree?

I think im dating a weak man?
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