Guys, Why is he hot and cold? How should I behave from now on?


There is this man whose child is in the same class as my child. We are both dingle parents. Id only seen him last May at a park for the first time. he almost tripped upon seeing me and just stared. He continued staring the whole time at the park until we were in a group and introduced. We spoke, he asked about me he knew my profession etc. A month later, we run into each other at their swimming class and sat for 30 mins talking and laughing. Nothing flirtatious but there was definite chemistry and interest. When he said bye he did this sort of head tilt with this big smile. a week later I see him at the kids club and he is super cold with me. He didn't come to sit in the building to wait and when he came to pick up his child he had some excuse for why he didn't come inside (said he ran into colleagues). It was the PERFECT opp to chat alone.

then it was the summer break so I hadn't seen him for 2 months. Now when I see him its just hi how are you fine you and some conversation added sometimes. I run into him maybe 3x a month. He is extremely hot or cold at these meetings. Either he is very smiley and gives me "I can't believe you are so beautiful" smiles and stares, or he is "ugh not you again" kind of attitude. Either he is super chatty or really dry. Im respectful and kind to him. But he can probably tell Im into him just from the vibe and my nervousness actions etc

This week we had 2 encounters: 1. I see him at swimming and he was coming as I was leaving. first, I caught him staring at me intensely from the corner of his eye. I went over and said hi to him he was extremely nervous (I was very dressed up from work) for example, I said hi! Him: "fine how are you?" we spoke briefly and I had to go

2. I see him while waiting for my child. He says hi how are you and I make small talk about the weather. He gives me a dirty look as we are talking and he goes to sit alone without me. Can anyone make sense of this? What should I do from here?

Guys, Why is he hot and cold? How should I behave from now on?
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