Do woman regret ever putting guys in the "Friend Zone"?

The past 3 girls that I've date have all put me in the "Friend Zone". I've heard it all..."You're a great guy", "You're perfect", "You're my best friend and I want you in my life". But ultimately, they all put me in the friends zone and eventually never talk to me again.

The thing is, after all these women say things like this, it makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. I kinda figure it that way because, I'm the one that bends over backwards for them all, being the nice guy, something that I though that is was all women wanted. They see me as weak because I care too much...while they toss me to the curb and go for the ones that treat them like absolute shit, which for some reason, you ladies seem to be drawn to.

So ladies, my question is, do any of you ever regret putting a good guy in the friend zone?

Have any of you ever gone back to them after letting them go for someone else?

Do you ever think about them afterwards?

I hear that once you're in the friend zone, it's pretty much a done deal. I guess I'm looking for that glimmer of hope that maybe the girl that just put me in this position will want me back. I only ask because after spending almost a year with this girl, after falling in love with her, to hear that I'm pretty much not good enough for her anymore, and then pull the friend zone card on me. It's pretty devastating.

Do woman regret ever putting guys in the "Friend Zone"?
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