Sometimes he's sweet, sometimes he's a jackass...what does it mean?

So I've been crushing on this guy for a few weeks now, and we've never actually hung out outside of class, and we text every so often about class, etc. At the beginning there was a lot of teasing and mean jokes between us back and forth, and I guess it was a form of flirtation at times, but recently I've begun to develop a crush on him after getting to know him a bit. And he's really a sweet/nice guy at times, but he can also be very arrogant, a bit rude, and mean to me. And maybe even bipolar? lol some friends in my class and I invited him to hang out with us last week, but that never happened. So a few days ago, he was messaging one of my friends in that class and told her that he didn't want to go, and was trying to get out of it. Then today he looks at me and goes, "So, are we still up for karaoking next week?" I mean, really?

And today I texted him to personally invite him to a Halloween party that happens to fall on the weekend of his birthday, and he said he might be busy because it's his birthday weekend. He said he'd at least swing by, and I told him to not just swing by but to stay and have fun, and he said, "I can't help it that I'm so popular". But the same (said) friend talked to him earlier about the Halloween party and he said he just wanted to stay home/was too lazy to go out. I mean, seriously, does this guy have problems? I'm beginning to think I'm crazy for liking this guy lol. But in all seriousness, sometimes he's sweet, sometimes he's just arrogant and I have a feeling he's always trying to be impressive.

Is he into me or does he think I'm annoying/dislikes me/feels nothing for me? Are some guys a**holes when they like someone?
Sometimes he's sweet, sometimes he's a jackass...what does it mean?
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