Am I still desirable without these bad boy atributes that I could never have?

Regardless if I man is one of the strongest, toughest, most masculine Alpha Male Knights or just the timed, shy, stereotypical ''nice guy'', there are a few sex appeal traits that are strictly unique to the ''bad boy'' and the black heart which neither, or no good man can have. My question Ladies and Gentlemen, is how important are these traits to you and how vital are they in the dating world.

1. Mysteriousness

Even though I will attempt to refrain from telling you my life's story, You will generally be able to tell what my true personality is and who I am as a man and it won't be much of a puzzle to figure out Who I am in my head, heart, genuine personality, and essence of my being even if I tell you nothing about me. Because I will always give off positive vibes of love, trust, care, protectiveness, and sincerity, it's not very difficult to figure out that I am good at my core and I won't be much of a fun little mystery book to read since there is very little differences between good people than there are between two bad ones.

2. Unpredictability and Danger Appeal

In short, If I'm Good then you will always know that I will never violate my own personal morals, laws, and codes of ethics which makes me far more predictable than a guy who is a lose cannon bad boy and has none. If I have my own code of honor never to beat or physically harm a woman or cheat on one, then you will know that I will never strangle, beat, slap you or pull out your hair or have threesomes while in bed with you. Having Honor will also let you know that I will have less drama, issues, fights and ''excitement'' because I will never initiate conflict and strife with others unlike a bad boy who does so for entertainment and since I will always protect you, you will know that you are not in danger and can not experience the thrill of the possibility of getting hurt.

3. Commanding Ownership

This is thought process of forcing, making, and demanding a woman what to do regardless of how she feels about it and ABSOLUTELY NEVER asking for her permission first. I have read that asking a woman permission to do something to her is always an attraction killer but I personally have a hard time with infringing the rights of others and finding out whether it was okay or not after the fact. I make plans, take charge, set, up a date and ask '' How about meeting me for coffee at the Starbucks at 7:00" but I can never go beyond that and I am willing to make adjustments if she objects. I could never make a woman my own personal piece of property.

4. Then Need to be Fixed and Changed by a Woman's Love

Again in short, if I do not have too much that is undesirable about me, I cannot give a girl the hope and dream of changing an utterly unstable man into exactly what she needs in the end and give her the satisfaction of thinking" I can make him good!'' ''I Can Change Him!"

These are attributes that the strongest version of Myself can never have, Am I still desirable without them?

Am I still desirable without these bad boy atributes that I could never have?
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