Why are men so inconsiderate of women's feelings?

Lately I am feeling depressed.. I hate my relationship and waiting for that exact moment to just end it. I am very emotional during this time so I have been crying a lot... He says to me

"Do you even know what you are crying about'?


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  • "Lately I am feeling depressed.. I hate my relationship and waiting for that exact moment to just end it."

    It is common for people (both sexes) to experience major changes in thier life; jobs, relationships, location ...etc. around the age of 29-30. It is the time people say, "I have put up with you (job/partner/location/lifestyles ...) long enough..."

    Before you end it, find some alone-time, and answer this question, "What do I want my boyfriend to be like ?" If your present boyfriend matches your answers, fine. If not, forget him, focus on your answers until you meet the person you want. Not ALL men are inconsiderate of women's feeling.

    That being said, it is a person's responsibility to look after his/her emotional well-beingness, and not someone else. If you feel that you would be happier without the present relationship, then indeed it is your responsibility to end it. Best of luck !


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  • I'll be short and simple about this. Based on what you wrote above, you're dealing with a**holes. I always put the girls feelings in front of my own. UNLESS...she is treating me like s**t. His more correct response should have been, "Why are you crying baby? What's wrong?"

  • I don't know but break up with him if he asked that. that is so rude!

  • What is the exact right time to end a relationship? It sounds like the guy that you are currently with isn't right for you and he is dragging you down. Just end it and move on. Your mood will likely change. You are likely depressed because you are holding a great weight of stress on your sholders.(how to break up with your boyfriend) Just get it over with.

    On a side note, don't lump all guys together. We aren't all inconsiderate.

    • Thanks for your advice... It seems very accurate.... I have had some of the same thoughts.. Just confirms it to hear it from a complete stranger. Thanks again!

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