What does he mean I "emotionally exhaust" him? What should I do?

My neighbour and I were hanging out a lot for like over a month, until 3 weeks ago when I told him that I like him (haha, oops). Anyway he's been busy lately so contact has been minimal, but we caught up 2 nights ago and things seemed great, we were laughing with his flatmate and there was nothing awkward about it, didn't feel loaded, felt great, happy, warm.

Last night though I texted him asking if he'll be home to give me a hug when I got home. He had a late night rehearsing (he's an actor) and when I woke up this morning I found this text: "Morn babe. I'm in heavy rehearsals right now dear. I've got no emotional space to handle anything right now as I'm highly highly loaded right now. Explain what that means later."

(Oh we've slept together twice. Kind of by accident as accidental as those things can be.)

I said "It's cool. I think I know what that means."

Him: "Nope. It's not what you think it means."

Me: "I'm not emotionally retarded lol. Ir hugs are the best though, but I can manage without. I KNOW it doesn't mean what you DON'T want me to think it means. That's what I mean about not being unempathetic."

Him: "I need a lot of emotional energy to handle you. Not sure if you understand what that means. But you can emotionally exhaust me. And I need every bit of my energy right now."

Me: "Oh. Okay so I didn't expect it to mean that. Didn't know it takes a lot of energy to handle me. Oh wellz.."

Him: "Sigh. This is best discussed in person. Your above reply just validates my thoughts dear."

What? I'm so lost. Someone tell me what's going on?
What does he mean I "emotionally exhaust" him? What should I do?
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