Mainstream Bad Habits That Absolutely Must Stop


Mainstream Bad Habits That Absolutely Must Stop
Eating Processed Foods That Are High In Sugar

Sugar is everywhere. People dump sugar in coffee to counterbalance the bitter flavor. People celebrate major holidays with a lot of sweets. People buy candies by the bulk for Halloween. People put sugars in energy drinks, focusing on the electrolytes that help athletes perform better while also ignoring the amount of sugar in the product. Sugar comes in many different names. Sucrose, which is made of glucose and fructose. Dextrose. Sucralose. Maltodextrin. Xanthan gum. Raw cane sugar. Honey. Fructose. High-fructose corn syrup. Fructose is the monosaccharide that the bigger sugars are broken down into. It can only be utilized in the liver, while glucose can be utilized anywhere in the body.

Overloading with fructose is essentially overloading your liver with this type of sugar, which can be found in table sugar and more complex sugars derived from table sugar. With all this excessive sugar in the developed, western world, as well as in the developing, westernized world, obesity, overweightness, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases are on the rise globally. The link between free sugars and metabolic diseases is established in the World Health Organization's recommendation of sugar intake for a normal, healthy person.

Mainstream Bad Habits That Absolutely Must Stop

Because you cannot always rely on the government to regulate the food industry, you just have to take your health into your own hands. This means that you should avoid all high-sugar processed foods. This not only includes candies and sweet pastries, but also fast food, energy drinks, dieting shakes, fruit juices, diet and regular sodas, and nutrition bars. You should obtain most of your sugars from fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

They are not concentrated with free sugars, allowing you to eat more, and the dietary fibers can regulate digestion and create a sense of fullness. Eat meat sparingly. Although people debate what counts as meat, I say here that anything that comes from an animal is meat. So, arthropods, fish, and mollusks are as meaty as beef, chicken, and pork. Some people would include milk and dairy products in the diet for fat and calcium and vitamin D, but then those things can be supplemented by the meat, vegetables and cooking oil.

Furthermore, many people in the world may receive a bellyache after eating too much milk (depending on how severe the lactose intolerance is), and dairy products (yogurt, frozen yogurt, ice cream) are another form of high-sugar processed food. People should never eat high-sugar processed foods, and people should be wary of how much hidden free sugar is in a food by reading the ingredients on the label. This is where it pays to be a native speaker of the language on the label and be somewhat knowledgeable about food science. :P

Less Standards of Sex

In today's world, people are having less standards of sex. It has become acceptable to engage in sexual intercourse and other sexual behaviors outside of marriage. This may be adultery, pre-marital relationship sex, pre-marital pre-relationship sex, casual sex, prostitution, and sex trafficking. People may justify their sexual behaviors by being controlled by their high sex drives, even though they should control their sex drives. People interpret "sex is good for your health" and "sex is a biological need" grossly out of context, assuming that the word sex in the aforesaid phrases can mean any kind of sexual intercourse/act in any situation.

Mainstream Bad Habits That Absolutely Must Stop

The lowered standards of sex is problematic. It reduces the dignity of human beings to sex objects. It spreads STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Condoms and dental dams may protect people against pregnancies and some STDs, but they do not provide complete coverage, and regular check-ups may be necessary. People who cheat on their committed partners don't want to get caught cheating, so they avoid buying condoms and dental dams, which not only increases STD incidence rates, but also leaves broken hearts and break-ups.

People who give in to pre-marital sex early on in the relationship may experience lowered relationship quality and shorter relationships than people who wait until marriage. And somehow, a young lady who dresses herself immodestly is blamed for soliciting rape. Because of all the problems inherent in less standards of sex, men and women should all have high standards of sex. Men and women should demand from their partners consent. Consent must be explicit, implicit, complete, thorough, and informed. Men and women should make every sexual intercourse be in a committed relationship, and the ultimate committed relationship is a marriage. They should not be afraid of commitment. Finally, men and women should control their sexual urges or at least recognize that an abnormally high sex drive should be treated and managed.

Stuffing Overflowed Trash Cans

At amusement parks and big social gatherings, there may be packaged, high-sugar processed foods. The foods require packaging. When the package is opened, it has to be discarded somewhere. Obviously, it can't be discarded on the ground, because that would be considered littering. So, people throw away the wrappers and containers in street trash bins. In large events, these street trash bins can easily and quickly fill up to the top.

Mainstream Bad Habits That Absolutely Must Stop

When people see just an overloaded trash bin nearby and an empty trash bin some feet away, they tend to use the closer trash bin, regardless of how much stuff is in there. The new, incoming trash gets dropped on top of the old, but sometimes it falls out of the trash bin, littering the ground. For public sanitation, people should hold onto the trash as long as possible or until they see a trash bin that has plenty of space.

Feeding Urban Wildlife

At public parks, it is commonplace to see people feed urban wild animals. The problem with feeding park pigeons is the free food that is enabling the pigeons to grow, thrive, and reproduce. Another problem is that wild animals may become dependent on humans, and when humans are absent, they will starve. To control and protect the urban wild bird population, do not feed urban wild animals, no matter how tame you think they are.

I am reminded of a little girl from The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), who wandered carelessly into the woods by herself. She met a small dinosaur and broke off a piece of her food to feed the dinosaur. Unbeknownst to her, the dinosaur and its friends were more interested in the girl as food than the food she was holding. Given that birds are believed to be direct descendants of the dinosaurs, I think that imagining a bird as a small, ferocious, meat-eating dinosaur could steer people away from feeding them.

Mainstream Bad Habits That Absolutely Must Stop

Donating Food and Merchandise to Developing Countries

After watching Poverty, Inc. (2014), I am convinced that the global charity network is flawed. The premise of the documentary says that the global charity network does more harm than help to the developing world by ruining the local economy and securing poverty among the locals. Developed countries assume a false, stereotyped image of Africa and Hispanic America as poor and barren. In reality, those countries are running well-to-do economies, until developed countries come in with charity-subsidized goods.

Local businesses cannot sell their own goods, because people would rather get free stuff than pay for the same thing. When the businesses close, the former business owners are now in poverty and in debt. Furthermore, the charity-subsidized goods are not continuous. If free stuff had been given on a continuous basis, then the poor people could just get free stuff for as long as they live, without any productivity on their part. I remember an old adage.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

The documentary concludes that what the people in developing countries really need is resources to start businesses. They want jobs, and businesses provide that. They want productivity, and businesses provide that. They want freedom from foreign control and money to flow through the hands of the people, not just at the hands of the rich and powerful government officials. Under the newly proposed model proposed by the documentary, I believe that developing countries can accumulate affluence and keep it.

Mainstream Bad Habits That Absolutely Must Stop
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    You evoke some interesting matters, that take a lot of discussion. Though they are so diverse and they are all jumbled together in the same Take. This take left me feeling dizzy and unable to focus on a single subject. Each and every one of your points should be made into a Take.

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    Processed food needs to die. Period.

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    2 is such bullshit but i agree with the rest.